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    Juju Royal

    Juju Royal

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    High-Quality, Terpene-Rich CBD Products

    Founded by Julian Marley, son of renowned reggae musician Bob Marley, JuJu Royal offers a range of high quality, terpene-rich CBD products. JuJu Royal’s product offerings include CBD-infused ginger honey, gummies, and olive oil, in addition to full-spectrum tinctures and topicals.


    Julian Marley strives to offer customers the finest quality CBD products on the market while advocating for cannabis education and wellness. No fillers. Ever. JuJu Royal products are always made from the highest quality plants. We use the most refined extractions, pure terpenes, and best in class ingredients to provide the finest experience available anywhere.

    American Hemp Difference

    Top quality brands, the best products and our commitment to customer service are all part of the American Hemp difference.